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2023-06-12EPA Publishes an Updated Version of the Power Resilience Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities
This updated guide is intended to provide information and strategies to strengthen the relationships between electric providers and water and wastewater utilities. The Energy Efficiency,” “Renewable Energy and Distributed Entergy Resources,” and “Funding” sections are updated in the new version of the guide to include new information. In addition, there are new case studies that demonstrate creative power resilience strategies. [ full text ]

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2023-06-12EPA Releases Upgrades of the Environmental Compliance History Database and Introduces Clean Air Tracking Tool (ECATT)
The ECHO Clean Air Tracking Tool (ECATT) serves as an interface and repository for Clean Air Act data that can be used to evaluate emissions at stationary sources of air pollution and analyze general air quality for the United States. ECATT has two main search functions: the Air Monitoring Station search and the Emissions Screener search. [ full text ]

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2023-06-12EPA Releases Off-Site Stormwater Management Case Studies
The four new case studies provide examples of a range of strategies used by local and state governments to manage off-site stormwater. [ full text ]

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2023-06-12EPA Announces Stronger Standards to Improve Oil Spill Responses
The stronger standards are intended to improve response efforts to oil spills and hazardous substance releases under the federal government’s National Contingency Plan (NCP). The new standards encourage the development of safer and more effective oil spill mitigating products like chemical and biological agents, provide emergency responders more information to better target the use of these agents, and require more transparency when these products are used. [ full text ]

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