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The Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) is a “first-stop shop” providing local governments with user-friendly information on compliance with federal environmental regulations, funding strategies, and tools for advancing healthy and sustainable communities. LGEAN also educates communities on local governments’ environmental responsibilities.

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06/09/2021 - Insights from a Lifetime in Waste & Recycling

06/09/2021 - EPA Announces Public Listening Sessions and Trainings on Upcoming Oil and Natural Gas Methane Rule

06/09/2021 - EPA Relaunches Climate Indicators Website Showing How Climate Change is Impacting Peoples’ Health and Environment

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Upcoming Events
06/15/2021 - Sustainable Materials Management Summit [Online]

06/15/2021 - EPA Webinar: Intro to ECHO [Enforcement and Compliance History Online] [Online]

06/16/2021 - EPA TSCA Rulemaking Consultation: Environmental Justice Consultation#1 for TCE and PCE [Online]

06/17/2021 - Landfill Challenges Summit [Online]

06/17/2021 - EPA Webinar: Overview of EPA’s Climate Change Indicators [Online]

06/24/2021 - EPA Webinar: Climate and Heat: Trends, Health Impacts and Risks [Online]

06/29/2021 - Advancing Water Reuse in Small and Disadvantaged Communities [Online]

08/10/2021 - Visualize Your Energy Future with ‘SLOPE’: The State and Local Planning for Energy Platform [Online]

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