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Issue Summary

The nation's transit system links regions and connects cities, counties, and states. Local governments play a major role in providing and managing the nation's transit services. However, local government transit management is about more than just moving people and products. City and county managers are responsible to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their constituents, that includes better outcomes in public health, affordable housing, job access, energy efficiency, and sustainable quality of life in their communities. Local governments recognize that sound transit investments and management can help them achieve these outcomes. Their unique position allows them to see the bigger picture; not only in the long-term effects of a specific program, but also in how the multitude of local government programs can become intricately linked together and influence each other. Local officials need resources and tools to safeguard their transit systems and to build partnerships among transportation, public safety, and other professionals regionally to improve transit services and the quality of life. A balanced, well-designed transportation system that allows people to get around by car, transit, bicycle, and walking is a key element of a livable community (Local Government Commission).